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Perfume Distillation Machine

with Rob Blake


exhibited at Grabowsee Art Village, Oranienburg, 2019

Can we capture the magic of Grabowsee in a tiny bottle?

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The Perfume Distillation Machine is condensing vapor from a wide range of forest samples.

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The perfume distilled will be an all-too-honest, including as it does: hornets, pine cones, various random flowers, mud, dried leaves and resin. Such a perfume exists not within the strater of beauty and vanity products, but rather as an olfactory snapshot of Grabowsee. Viewers are invited to wear this essence and experience the symbiosis with the living world around us.

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Perfume Distillation Machine was produced for the Symbiosis exhibition at the Grobowsee Art Village.

More information:

Grabowsee Art Village - Symbiosis

Exhibition Booklet

I thank deeply to everyone involved: Robert Blake, Alice Morey, Philipp Halfmann, Yan Cheng and to the other 50 artists that made the Grabowsee experience a fantastic collective journey.